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A Definition:
“M-Learning is the intersection of mobile computing and e-learning: accessible resources wherever you are, strong search capabilities, rich interaction, powerful support for effective learning, and performance-based assessment. E-Learning independent of location, time or space” (Quinn, 2000).

Quinn C (2000). M-Learning. Mobile, Wireless, In-Your-Pocket Learning. Linezine, Fall 2000. Available at

From a pedagogical perspective, mobile learning supports a new dimension in the
educational process. Characteristics (Chen et. al., 2002) of mobile learning include:
1. urgency of learning need;
2. initiative of knowledge acquisition;
3. mobility of learning setting;
4. interactivity of the learning process;
5. 'situatedness' of instructional activities; and
6. integration of instructional content.

Chen, Y.S., Kao, T.C., Sheu, J.P. and Chiang, C.Y. (2002). A Mobile Scaffolding-
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“…obstacles can be summarised in the following form:
• Limited memory and storage are major inhibitors.
• Screens are generally too small for the use of any sophisticated applications.
• Intermittent connectivity is a major barrier.
• Cross-platform solutions are not yet possible.
• Links to learning management systems or enterprise systems are in an embryonic stage of development.
• The industry is plagued by proprietary solutions.
• Transmitting across different browsers and platforms is almost impossible.
• Existing applications are not easily integrated to the mobile technology environment.
• Start-up costs are invariably high.
• Tracking outcomes is difficult.
• Security is a major issue.
• Cost of accessing major third-party networks is punitive.
• Multiple permissions are necessary in terms of negotiated access.
• Continuous technology development militates against stability and sustainability in terms of mounting viable m-learning applications.” (McLean, N., 2003).

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Possible mLearning working definition--
mLearning is the transmission or reception of intentional or incidental learning through physically small mobile and portable devices.

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